What Would Charles PT Phoenix Say Some Remedies for Breach of Contract Are?

Charles PT Phoenix is an attorney who represents clients in commercial litigation cases. He is the managing partner of the law offices of Rhodes Tucker in Florida. Charles PT Phoenix has represented clients in seven figure cases, and he has received the highest possible Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the AV® Peer Review Rated designation. It is awarded to lawyers who exemplify the highest level of ethics, legal ability, and expertise.

One of the areas Charles PT Phoenix is involved within commercial law is Breach of Contract. Breach of Contract, in a simple definition, means one party’s inability to fulfill its contractual obligations. Breach of Contract could be caused by a number of unforeseen reasons including a change in finances, delays, and unexpected events.

Unfortunately, these things do occur, which is why one party may hire an attorney like Charles PT Phoenix to protect their interests in the event another party is in Breach of Contract. Although commercial litigation isn’t always necessary to resolve the dispute, Breach of Contract disputes often do end up in court. And, under law, when one party is in Breach of Contract, the other party is entitled to a remedy

What are the Remedies for Breach of Contract?

There are a few remedies for Breach of Contract if the claim is proven. These include an award of damages, specific performance rescission, and restitution. Damages are often the main remedy in courts of limited jurisdiction. There are two types of damages that can be awarded. The first is compensatory damages, which include the losses incurred as a result of the Breach of Contract. The second is punitive damages. These are damages awarded to punish the wrongdoer and discourage another instance of the offense. Damages are calculated by the type of contract and the type of loss that was incurred by the party suing.


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